Motivation: What Gets You Up in the Morning May Not be What Gets Others Up

driving forces

Most primary motivations are core to who we are. The reason we get up in the morning is so much a part of us that if we were asked to explain it, we might struggle for words. We consider it obvious, and we often assume that all humans share the same motivations. But primary motivations differ wildly from person to person.

Leading Through Change


Death, taxes, and change. We can count on them. Whether we are initiating a change, or are caught in the ripples of a change, our lives are constantly in flux. Our natural tendencies (DISC/Driving Forces profile) describe how we tend to respond when faced with a change.

Leading Through Influencing


You have a life, therefore you are an influencer. The opinions that you have, whether about leadership or wine, influence the thoughts of those around you. Whether you are meeting with your team for a daily huddle, or you are actively encouraging other leaders to daily meet with their teams, your actions or your words cause others to consider your point of view. You are influencing.