Inviting a speaker can provide an essential inspirational catalyst for an organization. Mary Beth King, Vetri Space’s founder and CEO, is an experienced and engaging public speaker and business coach. She explores each speaking invitation to determine the desired outcomes, and tailors each presentation to provide that spark. Her experience in executive coaching and team development provides a deep well of understanding and experience from which to draw. Based in Seattle, Mary Beth serves as a powerful motivational speaker throughout the country.



Without a clear view of what an organization wants to achieve in the future and why, there is no framework through which to develop an effective strategy. With years of experience in corporate training and executive coaching, Mary Beth King is skilled in asking those crucial and fundamental visioning questions. She assists a team in developing such a clear image of the organization’s Vision and Purpose that the “what do we need to be doing today?” readily emerges.



Nothing creates a toxic work environment more than unhealthy conflict. In Mary Beth King’s role as a business coach, she is often invited to facilitate conversation to end friction between individuals and factions on teams. Her skill as an active listener allows her to read between the lines to identify the core issues and what is needed to create a positive outcome for both sides and the organization. Her style is direct, yet respectful. And the process itself is a powerful opportunity for leadership development.



The process of developing a strong, functional strategy requires a clear structure and free-thinking. As an executive coach, Mary Beth King brings both when she meets with teams of leaders as they explore the organization’s possibilities, capture its long-term vision, and identify the short-term goals, processes, and resources for success. Her ability to think both creatively and practically, and to listen and ask provocative questions serve to develop a clear and inspiring path to success.



The 360 gathers confidential input from those who are above, below, and peers of the employee. It is a powerful leadership development tool. Whether it is a CEO seeking input from board members/CFO&COO/VP’s or a manager seeking input from director/fellow mangers/direct reports, the 360 provides clarity. Mary Beth King facilitates the surveys and the compilation of the results. She explores with the leader where and how they are using their strengths, and provides executive coaching and leadership training to grow the areas that need development.



"Her process and commitment to the specific details of our company’s needs led us to the most successful strategic hire in our company’s history. With her guidance, we created a detailed and on-target job description that proved to be spot on. And she gave us the analytic and decision-making tools we needed to assess the candidates to make the right decision.” That statement was embedded in an unsolicited testimony about Executive Coach Mary Beth King’s comprehensive bench-marking process. The right hire is well worth investing in the right process.