Executive coaching


Leadership development through 1:1 executive coaching is the foundation for creating a culture where authentic leaders have transparent conversations. And those conversations generate powerful results.

Executive coaching provides leadership training that focuses on the specific areas of leadership that are challenging to you. Constantly improving communication skills and emotional intelligence improves the trust between leaders and all levels of the organization.

Improved listening skills lead to increased performance of your employees by generating their support. Listening always contributes to buy-in.

When you model leadership excellence, you inspire others to take responsibility for what is around them. You create a great place to work and your organization thrives.

Executive coaching takes place at the downtown Seattle Vetri Space office or over the phone.


Corporate team


In person, interactive corporate training labs begin at the executive team level, and are subsequently offered to key teams throughout the organization. These lively team development workshops infuse the organization with the skills necessary to develop a truly transparent culture.

Corporate training focuses first on creating effective communication within your team, and then between your team and other teams.

Team development then focuses on emotional intelligence. The specific skills of self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social interaction.

Continued quarterly corporate training is tailored to the current challenges of your organization using a leadership development framework of building trust, engaging in healthy conflict, creating buy-in and accountability, and creating outstanding results.

Team development workshops take place on-site and in person.